1/15 Dyed-To-Order Saturday Shrug Sarah's Version Kit

1/15 Dyed-To-Order Saturday Shrug Sarah's Version Kit

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Dyed-to-Order yarn purchased in this update will ship approximately the week of January 30th.

Your Saturday hang out and knit, the perfect vehicle to mix colors and bases. So jump in your stash or let us help you make your own custom  playlist! The simple methodical ribbing of the Saturday Shrug makes it the perfect project to knit again and again. The magic of this simple knit is how wearable it is—you’ll reach for it time and time again!

The Saturday Shrug pattern (it’s a freebie!) by @cadyjaxknits is available on Ravelry,  CadyJax Instagram or on their YouTube channel!

Sarah's Version

This version includes 20 skeins of yarn in the following configuration:

Tod Worsted L&K held with Birdie Bootcut
Tod Worsted Taffy held with Birdie Pout
Tod Worsted Fluorange held with Birdie Hi Vis
Tod Worsted Stone held with Birdie Barred
Tod Worsted Buoy held with Birdie Plaid
Tod Worsted Grand Forest held with Birdie Basecamp
Tod Worsted Old Shale held with Birdie Vintage
Tod Worsted Martian held with Birdie Mint Condition
Tod Worsted Slug held with Birdie Slug
Tod Worsted Pop Rocks held with Birdie Veronica

Fiber Content:

We’ve expanded our Tod lineup, and we’re welcoming Tod Worsted to the gang! It’s everything we love about Tod but in a worsted weight version. It’s plump, squishy, and glorious!  It’s got fluff for days and a great halo.

65% Yak / 35% Cashmere
114 yards per 50 gram skein

Fun and personality to the max! This fingering weight yarn is all things to all projects. Beautiful whether knit solo or with friends - #mixthosebases! 

Light Fingering Weight
74% Alpaca / 26% Silk
328 yards per 50 gram skein

Hand wash suggested. Lay flat to dry.