Dyed-To-Order Gloaming & Kits
Dyed-To-Order Gloaming & Kits
Dyed-To-Order Gloaming & Kits

Dyed-To-Order Gloaming & Kits

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Gloaming Kit Options:

Jackie's SoHo Square Kit #2:
1 skein of Birdie in each of the following colors:
MCs: Sunnyside Up and Gloaming
CCs: Vintage and Old Coast
(see notes on SoHo Square Project Page)

Gallus Scarf by Amy Palko (Gallus Scarf Pattern on Ravelry)
Jackie's Gallus Scarf Kit:
1 skein each Dimond Laine Birdie
Dean, Heirloom, Caffe, Gloaming, Scout
(see notes on Gallus Project Page)


Dimond Laine Birdie:

Fun and personality to the max! This fingering weight yarn is all things to all projects. Beautiful whether knit solo or with friends - #mixthosebases! 

Light Fingering Weight
74% Alpaca / 26% Silk
328 yards per 50 gram skein

Hand wash suggested. Lay flat to dry.

Tod is a light and lofty DK weight yarn. Its perfect blend of yak and cashmere allows it to keep its shape while staying so soft and cuddly. It's exactly what you want in any knitting project.  

Tod was the result of a fastidious process. We worked closely with our mills to create a gorgeously cozy base. With a fiber content of 65% Yak and 35% Cashmere, Tod was designed to shine on its own— but pure magic happens when you mix those bases. Tod is the stuff of dreams. Once you get it on your needles, we think you’ll agree.

65% Yak, 35% Cashmere 
150 yards per 50 gram skein

Lamb & Kid Trio

Trio is our new custom-milled trifecta of merino, cashmere, and nylon. Trio is both hard working and delightful. Its merino content provides beautiful texture and memory, the cashmere brings a sumptuous hand, and the hint of nylon takes dye vibrantly and gives added structure in draping and durability. We adore Trio and we hope you will too! Trio is perfect for wardrobe staples from sweaters to accessories. Trio knows no bounds!

Fingering Weight 70% Merino / 20% Cashmere / 10% Nylon 450 yds per 100 grams.

Hand washing suggested.
Lay flat to dry.