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The Greens

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March in the Pacific Northwest brings new greens to the darker shades we've enjoyed all winter. This slow roll into growing season has us dreaming of spring-like cast ons in all sorts of greens! Maybe you love green in all its variety too? Celebrate with us -- this week and in the weeks to come.

This week we're offering a slate of greens that remind us of all the shades of fir and pine, with just that hint of new growth. 

Basecamp: Dark and broody evergreen teal; the color of outdoor adventures.

Evergreen: A classic fir green. Lighter then Basecamp, but with a similar earthy undertone.

Forage: A classic, saturated green with undertones of blue. The color of vitality, evocative of summer in full leaf.

Frog Rock: A warm and balanced medium-toned green. Like summer ferns with a hint of an earthy yellow.

Jolly Green: Truly a jolly color, a bright and clear kelly green.

Laine Green: A classic medium green, brighter then Frog Rock.

Ships week of 3/18/24.

Dimond Laine Big Birdie:

Our love of Birdie knows no bounds. We’ve really turned up the volume with our newest base offering— Big Birdie! Big Birdie is custom milled, dreamed up by Sarah, designed just for you.

79% Baby Alpaca 21% silk 160 meters/174 yards per 100 grams

Hand wash suggested. Lay flat to dry.

Dimond Laine Birdie:

Fun and personality to the max! This fingering weight yarn is all things to all projects. Beautiful whether knit solo or with friends - #mixthosebases! 

Light Fingering Weight
74% Alpaca / 26% Silk
328 yards per 50 gram skein

Hand wash suggested. Lay flat to dry.

Dimond Laine Birdie DK:

We’re thrilled to offer this base for the first time – a 90% alpaca, 10% silk blend in a shapeshifting DK-weight to join our Birdie family. And, while Birdie DK is related to our beloved Birdie and Big Birdie bases, it is a base unto itself too – and we’re in love! 

The higher alpaca content offers even more squishable softness than you’re used to in the rest of the Birdie family, and it provides a slubby, thick-and-thin quality to both the yarn in the skein and in the finished fabric. Speaking of the fabric, think texture – just a bit of wild wavy-ness to your finished stitches – in an overall cuddly and drape-y finish. Delicious.

246 yards per 100 gram skein.

Hand wash suggested. Lay flat to dry.

Dimond Laine Percy:

100% cashmere, light DK, with a scrumptiously gorgeous and ever so lush halo! Incredibly soft to the touch while knitting but the magic really happens upon a gentle block. 

Sport/DK Weight
100% Cashmere
190 yards per 50 gram skein

Hand wash suggested. Lay flat to dry.

The Lamb & Kid Trio:

Trio is our new custom-milled trifecta of merino, cashmere, and nylon. Trio is both hard working and delightful. Its merino content provides beautiful texture and memory, the cashmere brings a sumptuous hand, and the hint of nylon takes dye vibrantly and gives added structure in draping and durability. We adore Trio and we hope you will too! Trio is perfect for wardrobe staples from sweaters to accessories. Trio knows no bounds!

Fingering Weight 70% Merino / 20% Cashmere / 10% Nylon 450 yds per 100 grams.

Hand wash suggested. Lay flat to dry.