The Sampler Shawl - Birdie DK Kits
The Sampler Shawl - Birdie DK Kits
The Sampler Shawl - Birdie DK Kits
The Sampler Shawl - Birdie DK Kits

The Sampler Shawl - Birdie DK Kits

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Sampler Shawl in Birdie DK by The Lamb & Kid

One day, we'll have a Sampler Shawl knit in each one of our bases! It is such a wonderful way to, well, sample a new yarn. Almost as soon as we had Birdie DK in the shop, we had a Sampler Shawl on the needles. The yarn, the colors, the easily memorized pattern -- it's a trifecta of satisfaction. Your gauge may vary, but we used a US 9 needle throughout with Birdie DK.

Free Pattern available two ways: 
The Sampler Shawl download from our website
The Sample Shawl download from Ravelry

Color Kits contain 1 skein Birdie DK each in the following:

Kit #1: Conversation Pit (C1), Sour Apple (C2), Great Horned (C3), Tattersall (C4), Waverly (C5).

Kit #2: Antique (C1), Petal (C2), Taffy (C3), Peek-a-Boo (C4), Sweetie (C5)

Kit #3: Taffy (C1), Sweetie (C2), Tattersall, (C3), Pear (C4), Conversation Pit (C5)

Fiber Content

Dimond Laine Birdie DK:

We’re thrilled to offer this base for the first time – a 90% alpaca, 10% silk blend in a shapeshifting DK-weight to join our Birdie family. And, while Birdie DK is related to our beloved Birdie and Big Birdie bases, it is a base unto itself too – and we’re in love! 

The higher alpaca content offers even more squishable softness than you’re used to in the rest of the Birdie family, and it provides a slubby, thick-and-thin quality to both the yarn in the skein and in the finished fabric. Speaking of the fabric, think texture – just a bit of wild wavy-ness to your finished stitches – in an overall cuddly and drape-y finish. Delicious.

246 yards per 100 gram skein.

Hand wash suggested. Lay flat to dry.