Varsity Hues Shawl Kits
Varsity Hues Shawl Kits
Varsity Hues Shawl Kits
Varsity Hues Shawl Kits
Varsity Hues Shawl Kits
Varsity Hues Shawl Kits

Varsity Hues Shawl Kits

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We love stripes! Of all kinds. This piece is an easy-to-knit celebration of stripes in three (or more!) colors. Knit in our Downy Worsted base, the resulting piece is a lightweight cuddle around your shoulders. An indulgent, simple knit.

Includes yarn to make your own Varsity Hues Shawl in Downy Worsted! Pattern is free and can be found here: Varsity Hues Shawl Pattern.

Dyed-to-Order yarn purchased in this update will ship approximately the week of 8/28/23.

Color Kits

Kit #1
MC: Old Coast (2 skeins)
CC1: Pout, Olives, and Pop Rocks (1 skein each)
CC2: Balsamic (1 skein)

Kit #2
MC: Rock Steady (2 skeins)
CC1: Pitch (1 skein)
CC2: Sweater Weather (1 skein)

Kit #3
MC: Midge (2 skeins)
CC1: Plaid (1 skein)
CC2: Mint Condition (1 skein)

Varsity Hues Shawl Mystery Kits!
3 Color Kit

MC: 2 skeins Mystery!
CC1: 1 skein Mystery!
CC2: 1 skein Mystery!

5 Color Kit
MC: 2 skeins Mystery!
CC1: 3 skeins Mystery!
CC2: 1 skein Mystery!

Please note that if you have a preference on the tone of your mystery kit, please be sure to tell us in the order notes section of your shopping cart and click UPDATE CART to save your notes.

Fiber Content

Downy is over-the-top — as in soft layered upon soft. It’s a thoughtful blend with each fiber adding something to the whole: alpaca (50%) brings substance and warmth, cashmere (34%) offers a velvety hand, and elastane (16%) holds everything together with lightweight elasticity. It just might be our cuddliest base yet! A word about that dash of elastane — it’s just enough to help the finished item keep its shape, making Downy truly perfect for any garment or accessory!

Dimond Laine Downy Worsted (50% Alpaca, 34% Cashmere, 16% Elastane; 215 yards per 100g skein)

Hand wash suggested. Lay flat to dry.