Color Honor Roll: Floret!

Two wound cakes of sage green yarn stacked on top of one another.


Today, we're celebrating Floret, a soft sage color like faded ornamental sedge grass. We're offering this color for a limited time on our website, and on three of our bases: Big Birdie, Birdie, and Trio.


Four skeins of sage green yarn on a marbled table.

It's a new-ish color in our catalog, but one that quickly became a favorite in the shop. Floret is beautiful on its own or paired with your favorite colors -- we especially like it with a forest greens and deep purples!

Three skeins of yarn in deep purple, sage green, and forest green.

From L to R: the colors Town & Country, Floret, and Basecamp shown on The Lamb & Kid Trio.


**Floret will ship in 5-7 business days. Missed this dyed-to-order event? Call our shop during business hours -- we'll be happy to check our stock on hand!

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