February Matinee: Mix Those Bases!

The unrelenting cold air has us dreaming of bouquets of spring flowers— especially pink ones. This brings us to…Carnation! Even though we’ve still got some time before spring, we thought it would be fun to feature Carnation as this month’s matinee color.

We love our pinks around here, and this color adds a nice pop to a palette of neutrals. It’s also lovely marled with dark grays and blacks (hello Moonwink and Pitch!) 

Mixing bases is a hallmark of Dimond Laine and The Lamb & Kid, so Raisinette, Betty, and Pitch on Mho Mho are also a part of this month’s matinee! Marl some Mho Mho with Tod and just watch the magic happen! 

Carnation is so fun in our sample knit of the Ampersand wrap by Tif Neilan. Our version also features Pitch, Pure & Simple, and we just love it!

Catch Carnation on Tod, Tod Worsted + Betty, Raisinette, and Pitch Mho Mho on Matinee pricing ($27) through February!

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