Introducing the Surf & Turf Shawl

Designed by Jill Zielinski

 Surf's up!

Jill's brand new design, Surf & Turf, has charmed us from the first sketch right through to the finished object. An old favorite reimagined (feather and fan) paired with an always satisfying garter stitch. These contrasts in texture are truly reminiscent of its namesake, and the result is stunning.

Offered in a two-colored neutral kit, it feels perfect for a leisurely stroll along the shore, whether sunrise or sundown. The larger six-color option takes the contrast in texture to the next (and very snazzy) level!

How to choose?! We adore both versions! When it came time to put kits together, well, it's been nearly impossible to stop with the ones we have. We could go on and on! We're feeling spirited and spontaneous today, so stay tuned for some additional color selections for Tod and Percy two-color kits popping up on the website this weekend!

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