Ruffles and Pearls sweater and shawl kits are live on the site!

For the Ruffles and Pearls Sweater Choose the unbelievably soft Dimond Laine Percy, or our cozy and lofty Tod dk. We’re offering 15% off of Percy in these kits, and Tod dk at $27! Long sleeve or short sleeve— it’s up to you. Both versions are so classic and lovely.

The Ruffles and Pearls Shawl is knit in Dimond Laine’s Pebbledash, 100% cashmere. It’s got such a delicate and classic design! Pebbledash is 15% off when you purchase the shawl kit. We also have a special kit release in a Tod Worsted version (65% yak, 35% cashmere)! You’ll get special $27 pricing per skein of Tod Worsted only as a part of this kit! We love the ultimate squish of Tod Worsted with this shawl pattern. 

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