5 Things You Need Before Casting on Your Barbicore Soldotna

Photo courtesy of Margotchien

Are you knitting a Soldotna Crop in Big Birdie with us? We recently sent out the Barbiecore-inspired kits we created with our friend, Margotchien. We love her various versions of this classic too much to stop at just one, and we’re smitten with both the “Barbie” and “Ken” inspired colorways. If you ordered a kit, we hope you love it too!

There's just a few things to consider ahead of starting to knit…and we’ve collected that here for you:

1. You’ll need Caitlin Hunter’s Soldotna Crop pattern, of course! Available on Ravelry or through her website, Boyland Knitworks.

2. This project takes this favorite yoke (originally written for a DK-weight yarn) – and uses one of our favorite fluffy aran-weight yarns, Dimond Laine Big Birdie. The resulting piece yields a finished chest circumference about 25% larger than the original pattern. Choose your size accordingly! For example, we followed the pattern for the smallest chest circumference of 32.75" to yield a sweater of 44" around.

3. Swatch on bigger needles than what is called for in the pattern. Margotchien and Dimond Laine got a gauge of 16 sts over 4” with Big Birdie and their larger needles. Try using US 7 and US 9 needles (if you’re a looser knitter), or US 8 and US 10 needles, depending on your individual gauge.

4. If you don’t have a kit, you’ll need to choose your Big Birdie colors! You’ll need 4 colorways of Big Birdie. For sizes 1-6, if you work with 2 skeins each of C1 and C2, and 1 skein each of C3 and C4, you will have ample yarn here to play a bit with what you consider C1-C2 and C3-C4 for any size. For sizes 7-10, you’ll need 3 skeins of your C1. Make this Soldotna crop your own!

5. Depending on what size you make; you’ll likely have leftover yarn. We suggest you whip up a Sherbet Bandana to go with your yoke! It’s a fun, free pattern to stripe your leftovers!

And please check out our friend Margotchien’s Instagram and Ravelry pages for further inspiration. Thanks, Margotchien,-- this project is SO. MUCH. FUN!

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