A Parade of Pinks Continues: Celebrating Bright Pinks!


A pile of bright pink yarn.

Our parade of pinks continues this week with a celebration of our favorite bright pink shades! We know many of you love these colors as much as we do and we are delighted to offer all of them for a limited time on 7 (!) of our yarn bases: Big Birdie, Birdie, Birdie DK (new!), Mho Mho, Percy, Sugar, and Trio.

Petit Four: A saturated magenta pink. It almost looks edible!

Pop Rocks: One our tried and true hues -- a real show-off!  Pop Rocks is a bright, candy-colored, and clear pink. A fuchsia and magenta swirl that, in our humble opinion, goes with practically everything! 

Poppet: A clear rose-colored pink.

Sweet Tart: A dusty fuchsia pink with just the slightest wink of purple.

Tattersall: A spirited blend of red, coral, orange, and pink all mixed together to create a new color that we want to use in EVERYTHING! 

Veronica: A coral and watermelon pink blend.

Our parade of bright pinks is available for a limited time on our website! This dyed-to-order yarn ships in 5-7 business days.

Six skeins of bright pink yarn.

From top to bottom: Tattersall, Veronica, Pop Rocks, Sweet Tart, Poppet, Petit Four

A pyramid of six skeins of bright pink yarn.

Yes, we have some pattern ideas! How about:
(All links go to Ravelry)

Try Calliope by Espace Tricot in Trio held with Mho Mho or Birdie -- one of the students in our sweater class is knitting this right now and the fabric is luscious! Check the pattern for yarn amounts in your size. 

We love the Rowdy Tee by Caitlyn Turowski! This versatile tee, knit in Sugar held double, would be gorgeous in one or two of your favorite bright pinks! Check the pattern for yarn amounts in your size. 

How about a Sherbet Bandana by The Lamb & Kid Designs, knit in just one skein of Big Birdie. What a wonderful accessory in a bright pink! 

Finally, we love our simple Weekend Away shawl in 3 skeins of Percy and 2 skeins of Birdie -- in one shade, or a marl of two bright pinks. Either way, it's an easy-to-knit, garter stitch festival of a project. 

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