About Knitting That Perfect Fall Sweater…

It’s that time of year when we’re enjoying the beautiful, warm weather and simultaneously planning the perfect fall sweater (hello Rhinebeck and crisp fall evenings!). If you’re looking for some knitting inspiration, you’re in the right place! Throughout the next few weeks, we’ll be spotlighting different patterns that we just can’t get enough of– patterns that make us eager for fall weather and give us all the cozy sweater vibes.

A pattern we’re currently loving is Juttu by Isabel Kramer. Juttu is a drop-sleeve, open-front cardigan with a gorgeous texture. We’ve knit ours in Cabin (Jute), and believe us when we tell you this combination is a match made in knitting heaven! Cabin elevates the interest even further with its stitch definition and sturdiness. It’s American milled with a composition of Romney and Merino– so wooly and sproingy!

We’re always delighted when a sweater has an element of versatility. Layer Juttu on top of a flannel, dress, or tank and watch it complete your outfit!

We’re offering Cabin along with Birdie and Trio at this week's Dyed-to-Order event. It's happening Sunday at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST!
Bases: Cabin, Trio, & Birdie 
Colors: Taffy, Balsamic (NEW!), PIMFC, Alpine Flannel, Bellbottom Blues, Frog Rock, Bootcut, Slug, Caffé, Trevi, Pop Rocks, Bitter Orange, Fetch, Chalet Chic
Cabin Naturals: Jute & Lodge
This Dyed-to-Order event will ship the week of July 10th.

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