All About Neutrals

Neutral palettes are timeless. They pair well with everything, and their quiet boldness elevates bright and broody palettes alike. An excellent neutral can make other colors sing while simultaneously grounding the palette (à la Pop Rocks & Loam). We adore the versatility of neutral knits– you can bet we reach for them often. There are endless possibilities with the neutral shades in our catalog!

We’re spotlighting these colors at this week’s Dyed-to-Order event. Happening Saturday, November 25th at 9 am Pacific/12 pm Eastern and again on Sunday, November 26th at 5 pm Pacific.

Bases: Birdie, Sugar, Trio, Mho Mho

Color: Biscotti, Antique, Vintage, Barred, Great Horned, Lean-to, Alpine Flannel, Button, Coorie, Wishful Thinking, Old Coast, Nostalgia, Loam, Coastal Grey, Choux, Miel

This Dyed-to-Order will ship the week of 12/11/23.

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