Celebrating Green with a Mini Dyed-to-Order Event!

It's March! And around here we're seeing new greens popping up to complement the darker pine we see all year round -- and this slow roll into growing season has us dreaming of spring-like cast ons in all sorts of greens!

Maybe you love green in all its variety too? Celebrate with us -- this week and in the weeks to come. This week we're offering a slate of greens that remind us of all the shades of fir and pine, with just that hint of new growth. 

Available now, and why supplies last here, and on five of our bases: Big Birdie, Birdie, Birdie DK, Percy, and Trio.

Shown above on Trio and below on Birdie, from top to bottom:

Basecamp: Dark and broody evergreen teal; the color of outdoor adventures.

Forage: A classic, saturated green with undertones of blue. The color of vitality, evocative of summer in full leaf.

Evergreen: A classic fir green. Lighter then Basecamp, but with a similar earthy undertone.

Laine Green: A classic medium green, brighter then Frog Rock.

Frog Rock: A warm and balanced medium-toned green. Like summer ferns with a hint of an earthy yellow. 

Jolly Green: Truly a jolly color, a bright and clear kelly green.


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