Celebrating Summer with European Vacation!


 Collection shown on Dimond Laine Birdie (top), and on The Lamb & Kid Trio (bottom).

Introducing European Vacation!

Our latest summer color palette has us fantasizing about traveling through Europe with an always easy-to-carry bag full of fabulous projects. We'll knit and crochet on trains, at cafes, in the mountains, and at the beach. We'll be inspired by the quality of light, by the architecture, by all the colors! We'll take so many photographs or fill up a small sketchbook. We'll refuel with delicious food (gelato every day?!), walk a zillion happy steps, and fall into a deep, restorative sleep every night. It will be glorious.

In other summers, we've released an Italy palette inspired by past travels — this year we're celebrating our favorites from those collections and sprinkling in some more of our most beloved hues. It's a happy, saturated, delicious party of a collection and it gives us all the wanderlust!

Colors: Balsamic, Beret, Biscotti, Caffe, Carnaby Street, Dean, Dolce, Fountain, Fresco, Limoncello, Lilia, Old Coast, Olives, Pesca, Piazza, Poppy, Port, Radish, Rouge, Siena, Sophia, Spritz, Sting, Trevi, and Wish You Were Here.

Order this collection during the month of July on four of our bases: Big Birdie, Birdie, Porch, and Trio DK. And look for additional dyed-to-order events throughout the month with different color combinations and yarns!

What to make? How about a Regimental Cowl in Birdie, a Sherbet Bandana in Big Birdie, a striped Vintage and Variety sweater by Caitlyn Turowski in Big Birdie, Joji Locatelli's new two-color Hipster Top in Porch, a SportTee by Park Williams in Trio DK, a Ranunculus in your favorite shade on Porch...so many possibilities!

And you can put together a myriad of color combinations with with palette -- use these suggestions as a jumping off point:


Get ready to dream in color and do a little summer trippin' with us! Comment below to let us know what you'll make.

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