Color Honor Roll: Esprit!

Three skeins of hot pink yarn.

Esprit is a color we've had since day one, and for good reason. It's a bubbly, bright hot pink and rose mix, akin to Tattersall, but more saturated and with less of a coral hue. We're bringing it back today, in obvious celebration, and because it makes us happy!

 Three skeins of hot pink yarn.

Esprit is available on our website for a limited time, and on four bases: Big Birdie, Birdie, Percy, and Trio.

Want some pattern ideas? We have a growing library of free patterns on our website, and on Ravelry under The Lamb & Kid Designs. The yarns we're offering in the Honor Roll lend themselves to several of these: Cozy Hat or Cuffs in Percy, Cloud Hat in Big Birdie, Hat for All Seasons in Birdie, Pick Your Path Bandana in Trio, Sherbet Bandana in Big Birdie, The Calluna Shawl in Percy, Weekend Away in Birdie and Percy held together, to name just a handful. Call our shop with any additional questions....we're always happy to help you plan your next project!

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