Weekend Dyed-To-Order Event with New Colors! + A Joyful New Pattern

Collage of colorful yarn

Collage of colorful yarn.

We're celebrating the weekend here at The Lamb & Kid with a two-part DTO introducing some new colors (hello, icy hues!) and old favorites too. As with all of our two-part Dyed-To-Order events, the colors and bases are available for a limited time (as supply allows) on Friday (10am PST) and Sunday (5pm PST). Join us!

Colors available are pictured above, and new colors are described below. The yarns available this week include: Big Birdie, Birdie, Tod, and Trio.

About our New Colors:

Reintroducing Chesterfield!: Reworked from its original release so it glows across all our bases, this burgundy shade is reminiscent of a tufted leather sofa.

Ginger Peachy: Our take on Pantone’s Color of the Year. Peaches and cream blend together in a soft, floral, and fruity shade.

Inside Scoop: A cheery light aqua shade – akin to our shade Electric Boots but less saturated – like Taffy is to Pop Rocks. Cool and refreshing.

Petal: A delicate pink shade. Creamier than Tiny Dancer.

Quill: A crisp gray shade with hints of white and green. It falls between Barred and Great Horned.

Romeo: A light wheat color, like a pale palomino pony. With yellow and grey undertones.

 Ashley in The Party Bow in Galactic green.

We've fallen in love with The Party Bow, designed by Andrea Roth-Fedida, out now! We chose the color Galactic in Big Birdie and Birdie (one skein each) for a joyful and fun accessory. We held the two yarns together and knit our bow on a size US 11 needle. Galactic is available in our weekend DTO -- or choose another color (or two and marl)! If you make The Party Bow, tag us on Instagram -- we'd love to see!

Ashley seated and wearing The Party Bow

We also celebrated a palette of "Winter Whites" this week! Did you join us for our special mini-dyed-to-order event? We've left it up for a bit longer if you want to get in on the fun -- or call us at the store and we'll let you know what we have in stock. Winter has had us in its grip all week and we've been leaning in to warming foods, cozy inside projects, and this gentle color palette. So, if a punchy green party bow is not your vibe, snuggle in with a quieter, yet equally beautiful, palette!

Five skeins of yarn stacked in front of glittery pine cone trees.

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