Color Honor Roll: Tattersall!


Three skeins of coral-pink yarn sit on a white surface.

Our color honor roll offers our favorite colors a chance to stand out -- and we make them available on our website for a limited time. Today's (January 24th) honor roll star is...Tattersall!

Tattersall is a spirited blend of red, coral, orange, and pink all mixed together to create a new color that we want to use in EVERYTHING!  It's a happy color that pairs equally well with broody, neutral, and other bright shades. 

We're offering this color today on four bases: Big Birdie, Birdie, Percy, and Trio.

One skein of pink yarn sits atop a hat of the same color laid flat on a white surface.

Tattersall might be the only color in our catalog where people call the shop and ask for it regardless of yarn base. It's that good!

Sarah in a pink hat.

 Need project ideas? Tattersall glows in either an accessory or a garment. Sarah wears a Cozy Hat in the picture above. This project uses one skein of Percy. In the photo below, Sarah is wearing Caitlyn Turowski's Idaho Sunset Sweater (Spring Edition). We originally knit this in our Tod base, but it would work equally well in Percy! Or how about a Fancy sweater in Big Birdie. Or a Weekend Away (pictured below) in Percy and Birdie -- it would be glorious in this color!

Have you made something with Tattersall? Tag us on Instagram, or comment below, and let us know!

Sarah wearing an Idaho Sunset tee in pink and green.

The pattern links above go to Ravelry. If you'd prefer, or want to see our entire catalog of free patterns, visit the pattern page on our website here.

 Sarah holding a green Weekend Away shawl open wide.

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