Daft Days Shawl and Kits!

Update!, April 23, 2024: We finished one of our Daft Days Shawls! You'd have plenty of yarn to knit 22 stripes as we intended, but we decided to stop at 18 stripes before the border. The finished shawl has a wingspan of 70" and is 32" deep -- just right for doing a tuck and roll around your neck!

And you'll have leftover Birdie which might be just the thing for a matching Hat for All Seasons or a Regimental Cowl.

***Posted April 4, 2024***

You know how much we love a good triangle shawl here at The Lamb & Kid — they're fun to knit and the shape suits all sorts of color play and stitch patterns. This week found us casting on two versions of the Daft Days Shawl by Rebecca Clow (Instagram: @the.creabea) and we love it. It's an engaging slip-stitch stripe shawl that lends itself to a riot of colorful stripes.


Want to knit along with us? We're offering kits in both of our colorways — we're using Tod and Birdie held together for our MC and Birdie held double for a 5-color stripe sequence. We're aiming for 22 stripes before we knit our border and we're really enjoying watching the colors mingle as the shawl grows. Try this yarn combination on a US9 (5.5mm) needle -- the fabric is drape-y and delightfully squishy!



Kit #1: MC 3 skeins Tod in color Stone held with 2 skeins Birdie in color Barred; 5 CCs, 1 skein each, Birdie held double with itself in colors Limoncello, Pop Rocks, Bakelite, Picnic, and Petal. (Shown just above.)

Kit #2: MC 3 skeins Tod in color Port held with 2 skeins Birdie in color Port; 5 CCs, 1 skein each, Birdie held double with itself in colors Dial Tone, Vintage, PIMFC, Pop Rocks, and Waverly. (Shown at the head of the blog post.)

Pattern is available directly from the designer on Ravelry, Rebecca Clow, Daft Days Shawl

If the kits are sold out, give us a call at the store -- we're always happy to help you put together a version from the yarn we have in-stock. We're dreaming on a version in some of our spring green shades, and then one in all the blues to wear with our denim. And don't forget to tag us on Instagram if you make one -- we love to see what you make!

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