Double Billing Matinee: Armadillo in Tod & Raisinette in Mho Mho

It’s time for a new Matinee, and this feature’s got a double billing! Raisinette in Mho Mho and Armadillo in Tod are spotlighted side by side for this feature.

Browns and fall go together like cold weather and knitwear. These shades of brown are classic and feel so cuddly.

This double billing matinee is a great opportunity to mix those bases! Tod and Mho Mho are beautiful are on their own, but just wait till you see them marled— it’s pure magic! Don’t take our word for it— just take a look at them swatched. It's high knitting season and we're looking forward to seeing your projects with this winning combination!

With Love,

The Kids @ The Lamb & Kid

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