The Bandana Days of Summer

The bandana days of summer are here, and so is our latest design— the Sherbet Bandana. It is the perfect “palate cleanser” project. Just one skein of yarn and a free night or two, and you have a perfectly sized, perfectly fluffy accessory. We’re sure you’ll make more than one! 

We’re offering a surprise Dyed-to-Order so you can cast on as you soak up the sun!

Bases: Big Birdie & Trio

Colors: Atomic, Air Mail, Pop Rocks, Plaid, Hi Vis, Trippy, Slug, Taffy, Chalet Chic, Nostalgia, Miel, Trevi (NEW!), Caffé** (NEW!)

Big Birdie Custom Colors: Athleisure, Blackbird, Butter Mint, Cloud, Lobster, Oats, Snow Cap, Spruced, Toffee, & Fuzzy Flamingo

** Only available on Trio.

This Dyed-to-Order will ship the week of July 7th.

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