Happy Weekending, Friends!

Hey, hey, it’s the weekend!

(Is anyone else a fan of the Monkees? I think I’ve officially given myself an earworm.)

And what a week it’s been! The countdown to Stitches West is officially on (we’re less than a month from departure), and that means LONG days of dyeing in the lean-to for Bob & me, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fandango, Pop Rocks & Base Camp, oh my!

In addition to Stitches prep, we’re also releasing The Upstate of Mind Shawl this Sunday! That means a big ol’ Dyed-to-Order over the weekend! I think everyone is aware of my love for color & creating unique & entertaining combinations, and this shawl gave me the perfect opportunity to do just that. It is knit top-down with an I-cord bind off, featuring either patterned or random stripes paired with an unexpected chevron panel at the center spine. It’s a delight to knit & while the 8-color combination has my heart, I found the 3-color option incredibly charming. We’ll be offering kits for The Upstate of Mind Shawl in a variety of colors & bases. We hope one of them will capture your imagination!

If you’ve been following our Weekend Update series, you know that my love for knitting is (almost) matched by my passion for baking & food. But if you’re anything like me and sometimes come home (or just back into the house from the lean-to) feeling spent, homemade meals aren’t always on the menu. After a day of dyeing, my motivation to create something from scratch inevitably wanes to zero, and going out requires far too much effort. So what’s a gal to do? Enter the king of the freezer section – pizza! Delish came out last week with an article ranking the best twenty-one frozen pizzas that taste better than delivery, and I don’t think they’re wrong! Is anyone else thankful that other people will do this kind of legwork for you, so you can just choose between the top options? They have toppings & crust styles for every slice aficionado – all found in your grocery store’s trusty freezer section. It is a real menagerie of choices, but they gave high marks to California Pizza Kitchen’s Thin Crust pizzas, which I also happen to recognize as a premier selection. They’re great on their own but can easily be jazzed up with some extra toppings. Maybe a little more protein? Perhaps those veggies that would otherwise go to waste? Or maybe those mushrooms Bob found foraging in the yard? Though, please check all fungi for safety prior to adding to your pie.

The list is exhaustive & thanks to the #1 spot, Bob is now petitioning for the “full-on flavor, now with more cheese, Original Tombstone Supreme.”

We shall see.

Moving forward, I also wanted to use this space to introduce you all to some of the “kids” we have working in the shop. The Lamb & Kid storefront has been a labor of love and we’re so thankful for the ladies who have worked so tirelessly to help us see this dream come to life. This weekend, we’re introducing our gals, Pam & Ashley.

SD: What is your favorite color/Do you have a color at the store that speaks to you?

Pam: My favorite color is blue. But the colors that are speaking to me right now at the store are, without a doubt, the pinks.

Ashley: Blue! The colors I’m most in love with right now are the new blues: Fandango & the new Cobalt.

SD: What’s on your needles right now?

Pam: The Biovac Shawl in Pebbledash! My colors are Tattersall, Jack, Trippy & Sleepover. It’s going to be fabulous!

Ashley: Nothing! But I’m hoping to get the Zinc Sampler Shawl on next.

(Also, if you joined for our LIVE on Thursday, you saw Ashley’s fabulous Big Fluff Capelet Combo that she created)

SD: What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not knitting or at the store?

Pam: I love paper crafting. Making cards for people. I also love to golf & am a bit of a gym rat. I got a Peloton this year and love it!

Ashley: I got into equine sports early on & re-found it when I moved to Bainbridge. I have a horse that I ride named Thunder (check my IG for a really epic selfie of the two of us). I also love yoga and singing!

(If you have a chance to stop by the store, Ashley’s in charge of our playlist & it’s really something to behold)

Find Pam on IG @lvpurpl & Ashley @bainbridgeashley
Here’s to knitting, to frozen pizzas & to epic playlists—happy weekending, friends.
Warmest wishes,

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