Highlighting our Yarn Bases: Tod & Tod Worsted

We often refer to The Lamb & Kid Tod and The Lamb & Kid Tod Worsted as our house yarns. We opened our Bainbridge Island shop with Tod in July of 2021— they’ve been staple yarn bases from day one! Tod is a lofty DK weight that perfectly blends 65% yak and 35% cashmere, allowing your knitted fabric to keep its shape while staying extra soft and cuddly. Tod Worsted is Tod’s glorious big sister with the same fiber blend for airy finished objects that show off texture, lace, and simple fabrics to equal effect – exactly what you want in any project. We offer Tod in a 50-gram skein of 150 yards, while Tod Worsted is offered in 50 grams and 114 yards. Check the Tod pages for a range of custom colors from the mill or shop our dyed-to-order events when we offer hand-dyed colors. 

Tod and Tod Worsted were both the result of a fastidious process. We worked closely with our mills to create a gorgeously cozy base. With its fiber combination of yak and cashmere, Tod shines on its own— but pure magic happens when you mix those bases. Projects from DK-weight (Tod on its own) to worsted-weight (Tod Worsted on its own or Tod with The Lamb & Kid Mho Mho) to bulky-weight (either weight with a carry along like Dimond Laine Birdie, Dimond Laine Sugar, or The Lamb & Kid Mho Mho), offer a universe of project possibilities.

We love our Tod and Tod Worsted FOs! Try:

Calliope by Espace Tricot in Tod and Birdie.

Delightful Dot Cowl by Tori Yu in Tod stranded with Birdie.

The Fall Shawl by The Lamb & Kid Designs 

Lana Vest by Irene Lin in Tod Worsted

Pebbles Hat by The Lamb & Kid Designs

Rakish Shawl by The Lamb & Kid Designs in Tod Worsted

Sampler Shawl by The Lamb & Kid Designs in Tod held with Birdie or Mho Mho

Saturday Shrug by Jackie Rose in Tod held together with Birdie.

Sophie Shawl by Petite Knit

STRIPES! by Andrea Mowry in Tod

Wanderlust Sweater by Wanderlust Knitter in Tod 

Wishbone Shawl by Wanderlust Knitter in Tod Worsted

Tod and Tod Worsted are the stuff of dreams. Once you get these bases on your needles, we think you’ll agree.

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