Our New Matinee Star: Fox

With the beauty of Fall finally upon us, we’ve got the color-way Fox on our minds. Whether it’s one of your go-to colors or not, this wily little Fox is one of those colors that hover the spectrum. It looks brilliant paired with other warm shades, purples, or cool jewel tones. It’s a sly color, that Fox! It’ll sneak its way right into your heart and project bag!

We currently love Fox paired with Space Cadet— it’s a color that just takes Fox to a level that’s out of this world! This combination feels like the Fall color palettes we’ve been so eagerly anticipating— let’s cast-on all the things! 

Another thing we love about Fox is its versatility. If you’re looking for a kicky and punchy combination, look no further than Fox and Lamb; they're so fun together! 

Catch Fox on matinee pricing for a limited time!

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