The Alpine Flannel Collection

We’ve got colors fresh from the dye pot! 

Glass Jar is a clean, frosty aqua. The vintage mason jar sitting on your grandmother’s windowsill, cotton candy, the Caribbean Sea.

Alpine Flannel is a sprucey, blue-green. The tree line on a snowy slope, your favorite vintage flannel that you stole from your grandpa’s closet.

Bitter Orange is a pumpkin leaning gold. The monarch butterfly migration, the pumpkin patch in October, the dried orange slices in your mulled wine.

Calliope is a cool, blush pink. A garden of tea roses mid-summer, the Himalayan salt that’s too pretty to use so now serves as kitchen counter décor.

Frostbite Falls is a cool, bright, icy, cornflower blue. Rocky & Bullwinkle, glaciers in Alaska, Elsa’s frozen castle on the North Mountain.

Marooned is a juicy, broody plum—a glass of burgundy fireside, your favorite beet salad, the cherry in Bob’s Manhattan.

Pop Rocks is a bold, magenta-leaning pink. Trapper Keeper binder, Lisa Frank stickers, and dare we say, a package of pop rocks at the candy counter.

Sleepover is an inky, indigo blue: the night sky, your coziest hoodie, your pair of favorite jeans.

Plaid is My Favorite Color is quite literally my favorite color. Where do we start? A vibrant orange that leans red, this side of neon is guaranteed to brighten anything.

These gorgeous colors are featured on the super-soft Mho Mho, Birdie, Percy, (and a select few on Tod)!

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