The Italy Palette Color Guide

The Italy Palette Color Guide

Balsamic: A warm brown-black. It’s a dramatic and rich neutral that’ll make every color pop!

Bellini: As the name suggests, it is a creamy, peachy coral and oh-so refreshing– like a bellini!

Radish: Radish amps up the colors in Bellini. It’s a deep, sun-washed coral. Looks beautiful in gradient with Bellini.

Fountain: A cool and calm sea-foam green.
Olives: A bowl of mixed olives, shades of green, black, and

Olives: A bowl of mixed olives, shades of green, black, and Kalamata. All of these hues come together for this color! Marled with balsamic? Yes, please!

Old Coast: A very warm gray with soft tan undertones. Some would say, the ultimate greige! This is the lighter spectrum neutral that rounds out the palette.

Postcard: Ever-so-soft whisper of periwinkle and lilac.

Lilla: Periwinkle lilac, more saturated than Postcard.

Rouge: Warm magenta. Marls beautifully with Granata.
Granata: This is a beautiful, multi-hued, and layered aubergine.

Sofia: Warm, clear, bright corally pink. If the radish leans too broody, Sofia is for you!

Midge: The perfect mid-century purple you didn’t know you needed. This is the purple for everyone.

Poppy: Warm, poppy, orange-red.

Sting: A sun-riled golden yellow. Reminiscent of Tuscan fields of gold.

Dean: A deep, navy blue that leans neither purple nor green. If you loved Volare, you’re going to adore Dean.

Gerard: In the Shuttered Gradient series, Gerard is a sun-washed teal, the lightest teal.

Balena: A rich, blue-leaning teal. The second in the Shuttered Gradient Series

Wish You Were Here: The color of Tuscan blue summer skies washed with wispy white clouds. Nuanced and Dreamy.

Pesca: A whisper of peach meets a sprinkle of pink. So delightful!

Spritz: A more vibrant, saturated peach. Marls beautifully with Pesca, and is especially stunning in a gradient with Pesca, Bellini, Spritz, Radish, and Sophia (and yes, in that order!)

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