The Party Bow Kits Available Now!

We're still having fun with The Party Bow pattern designed by Andrea Roth-Fedida.

A bright green bow tied over a grey coat.

Have you cast on yours on yet? Grab the pattern, choose your color, clear an evening or two, and join the fun! We're loving this joyful accessory and the fluffy, fun glam it brings to our knitted wardrobes.

Ashley modelling a bright green bow.

We have kits in several colorways available now on our website using our Big Birdie and Birdie bases. We held one strand of each yarn together and knit our bow on a size US 11 needle. We're showing Ashley here wearing Sarah's bow in the color Galactic -- isn't it so fun?! The result is ever so soft!

If you make one, please be sure to tag us! We'd love to see yours!

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