Weekend Away Redux!

This week we're also celebrating our friend, Gaye Glasspie (@ggmadeit), her beautiful projects, and her love of all things orange.

When our Weekend Away pattern debuted in our Percy and Birdie yarns, GG and Sarah knit them up in two favorite orange hues and we offer them here in case you want one too! Sarah knit hers using Percy in the color Fluorange and Birdie in the color OMGG. GG knit her version with the same colors, but with Percy in color OMGG and Birdie in the color Fluorange. So much fun to be subtly twinning!

Purchase a kit for Weekend Away:

🧶GG’s Weekend Away Kit: 3 skeins Percy in color OMGG; 2 skeins Birdie in color Fluorange

🧶Sarah’s Weekend Away Kit: 3 skeins Percy in color Fluorange; 2 skeins Birdie in color OMGG

Then grab your free pattern from our pattern pages, or on Ravelry. Once you get the set-up rows completed, this is a one-row shawl! Such great friend knitting....

Or, order Fluorange and OMGG dyed-to-order on skeins of Percy, Big Birdie, Birdie, and Trio!

Fluorange is a juicy neon orange with a creamy undertone; pairs well with other neons like Martian, Pop Rocks, and Fetch.

OMGG is a saturated, warm orange shade, clearer than Hi-Vis, but similar in value. A color created in the spirit of community.

Dyed-to-order yarn means we fire up the dye pots just for you! Weekend Away kits and dyed-to-order skeins will ship in two weeks time.

Orange doesn’t have to be your signature color for you to jump on in — get your bright and happy on and let your projects be seen! 🧡🧡

Thank you, GG!


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