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Well, hello there. I’d like to warmly welcome you to Weekend Update! A little slice of the internet that’s devoted to sharing what I’ve been loving lately, from patterns to people, to recipes, to products, sometimes yarn-y, occasionally completely unrelated.

We’ve had a whirlwind week at The Lamb & Kid, recovering from our first big winter storm. For those of you who are not local to the Pacific Northwest, snow is quite the event here! I’ve been a Pacific Northwestern-er for two years now, and coming from the lake-effect snow belt of Michigan, I have to say— there is a stark contrast as to what constitutes a “snow event” here vs. Michigan.

The contrast has both made me laugh and (now having been through a few weather advisory events here), take a little bit of snow very, very seriously! 

When the white stuff begins to gently fall from the sky, school is canceled, shops are closed, and roads are nearly impassable. So we cozy up by the fire and grab our knitting needles. To some, it’s an inconvenience (and of course, safety first!), but I like to see it as an opportunity to hunker down, maybe test a new soup recipe and churn out some projects.

Speaking of soup, this recipe for Slow Cooker White Wine Chicken Stew, stopped me in my Instagram scroll. In my opinion, hearty, warm stews that have been slowly cooking all day are the personification of cold weather delight. You can’t beat the satisfaction of being able to throw all those ingredients in a pot and let them meld together into a delicious menagerie of flavor. This recipe ticked all the boxes; warm, light & somehow filling all at the same time. How is it possible?! And she pairs perfectly with a crusty bread— a must in my book. If you’re looking to save some time, this winner is easily adapted to an Instant Pot! It was my method of choice because when you’re spending all day at the dye pots, sometimes that friendly, little pressure cooker is just ever so helpful.

 Another favorite cabin fever pastime of mine is a good, old-fashioned closet clean-out. Anyone with me? Time to pull out that dress that I was definitely going to wear and never did, and to toss those holey socks that I’ve kept putting back in the drawer, laundry load after laundry load.  It also serves as a great opportunity to sift through my handknits, give them a hug and make sure that I’m caring for them like the treasured family members they are. I don’t know about you, but my sweaters, hats, cowls & wraps tend to see a lot of action. Keeping them lint and pill-free while keeping that all-important halo is no small task. Especially when it comes to daily wear and dog cuddles. To this end, I’m always on the lookout for de-linters and fabric shavers. I’ve found that they’re not all created equal. In my perusals on the internet, I came across the Pilo Fabric Shaver by the Steamery.

Steamery Fiber Shaver Remover

I was intrigued by the claims and positive reviews and, of course, was also attracted to the Scandinavian style and the colors, how cute is that? After owning my fabric shaver for well over a year now, I am officially impressed. We all know there is a world of difference between a lovely halo and a pilled-up knit. I can’t stress this enough: this helps. It gently shaves the sweater without razoring it or pulling the fabric. It glides over as it de-lints. It is both powerful and gentle, and my stars, if it doesn’t revive your well-loved knits, I don’t know what will. Mine look like new!

And of course, a winter storm provides the perfect excuse to snuggle up & cast on a new project. I was floored when I saw the beautiful and intricate design of the Penn Shawl by Jenn Peck that is featured in Hudson & West’s Deep Winter Collection. I love a good shawl pattern (#neverenoughshawls!). If you’re new to mosaic, don’t worry, Jenn promises that it’s deceptively easy, and she’s right!

 I’d cast on from our friends at Hudson & West:

Hudson & West Weld in: Dusk (MC) Ash & Charcoal (CC)

Hudson & West Weld in: Lake (MC) Midnight & Fawn (CC)

Hudson & West Weld in: Ash (MC) Fawn & Raven (CC)

OR if you have some LK you’d like to use these combos would be adorable:

The Lamb & Kid Elmer Fingering/Elmer Tweed Fingering in: Camel or Cork (MC) Wayfarer & Thermal (CC)

The Lamb & Kid Elmer Fingering/Elmer Tweed Fingering in: Farmhouse (MC) Bandana & Wayfarer (CC)
The Lamb & Kid Elmer Fingering/Elmer Tweed Fingering in: Cidre (MC) Unsalted & Wayfarer (CC)
I’m also loving the new Year Round Popover by Melissa Georges – the ease, the ribbing, the eyelets! The slightly cropped style is so on-trend. I’m already imagining all the ways I could wear it, dressed up and down, with a spring dress or jeans. This one is bound to be a wardrobe staple and, depending on what yarn you choose, true to its name, is a year rounder regardless of where you live.


I’m looking forward to late Winter/Early Spring here in the PNW, so I’d cast on:

The Lamb & Kid Tod Worsted in: Any Color! But lately, we’re really loving Juno, Carnation, Natty, Lavender Fields Forever, Pure & Simple, Old Shale & Cinder


Happy weekending & stay cozy, 



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