Weekend Update!

Hey kids, it's the weekend!

We’re looking forward to a sunny January weekend (very rare) around here & I’m planning to get out of the house & into the sunshine.

Frankly, I’m probably going to need a few days of fresh air a day before I stop seeing Trippy every time I close my eyes! We dyed ALL THE TRIPPY this week. THANK YOU!! I’m glad you all seem to love Trippy as much as I do. While I’ve always gravitated toward classy with a bit of a twist (let’s be honest, also a side of kitsch), I’m happy to know I’m not the only one gravitating toward a little extra fun & whimsy these days.

Speaking of fun, we have company this week! Bob & I have had some family visiting & we couldn’t be more delighted. And, since cookies are my love language, I whipped up a batch of Smitten Kitchen’s Oatmeal Cookies to have warm and ready upon their arrival. To say these sweet, chewy morsels were welcome would be an understatement. And, with a base of whole wheat flour, wheat germ, and lots of oatmeal, well, they’re on the healthy spectrum, right? To find a cookie that I want to put into steady cookie rotation is a win. They’re competing with a lot of other cookie recipes, a lot. Get the recipe here: whole wheat chocolate oat cookies

But we can’t eat cookies all day, right?? Eventually, I always crave the green stuff, and let me tell you about our new favorite salad ‘base’ that has me dreaming of … well, salads. This Cos, Parmesan & Balsamic Shredded Salad from Gather & Feast might do the same for you. It’s crunchy, cheesy & just oh, so flavorful. Bob grilled for our guests a few nights ago, so we had it with our burgers and fries. Since salad with fries is my favorite meal, it was love at first bite. This simple salad has me thinking about what else could be added to it. While it was perfection as a side, I think a grilled protein of your choice or even some roasted veggies could be a hearty & delicious add-on and make it the star of your dinner party or regular Tuesday! Get the recipe here: Cos, Parmesan & Balsamic Shredded Salad

We have a few patterns to share, but before we get to sweaters & accessories, let’s talk jeans. The other day, Kate (one of our dear shopkeepers at The Lamb & Kid) was wearing a super kicky pair of wide-leg jeans that everyone zeroed in on and thanks to Kate & her style sense, we were introduced to Oliver and Logan. Susan (another one of our lovely shopkeeprs at the store - Hi Susan!!) loved them so much she bought a pair as well and good gravy they are adorable! So, all the good washes, perfect assortment of jean fits/cuts, a great price point and through the website, you can get 20% off your first order! Worth a try if you’re in the market for a new pair of jeans!

Get them here: Oliver Logan Wide Leg Crop

Now, let’s talk patterns! Kids, it’s high knitting season! The knitters are casting on & the designers are responding to their enthusiasm in kind. I have a list about a mile long of things I want to make, but I’ve had my eye on Amy Miller’s Woven since its release & I think it’s just ADORABLE. It’s PLAID! So here we go! Woven in Pitch & Betty because is there anything more classic than a good black and white plaid??? A graphic, bold, high contrast knit that is just, well, ADORABLE!

 For Woven, I’d cast on:

 The Lamb & Kid Tod Betty & Pitch! 

The Lamb & Kid Elmer Fingering in Cidre & Wayfarer (in the spirit of Amy’s version!)

The Lamb & Kid Elmer Fingering in Wayfarer & Bandana

 Another pattern that is getting heaps of love here at the Lamb & Kid is Irene Lin’s Lana Vest. Jennifer (yet again, one of our shopkeeper/teacher/kids here at the store, hi Jen!) has cast-on for the Lana Vest in Tod Worsted (she’s using the colorway Natty). OH. MY. STARS. The cables in TOD Worsted are *chef’s kiss*. The split hem & the drapey fit, well it’s just a great layering piece. And, best part for those that dread a visit to sleeve island…. No sleeves. Wore over a crisp white shirt, a dress or a cozy flannel, it’s a winner! 

 For the Lana Vest, I’d cast on:

 The Lamb & Kid in Tod Worsted in:

Old Shale,
Stone (gray…)
Kitten (lite gray…)
Pure & Simple or
Cinder (more gray!!)

Warmest wishes, xoxo Sarah

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