Welcome Popple Bandana!

We love a good bandana project in warmer weather, and our Popple Bandana is just that! It’s a lightweight project both in the knitting and in the finished piece -- and it’s a fun-to-work slip stitch pattern in an easily memorized 8-row pattern.

Pack one for your travel knitting and take a finished bandana for your vacation wardrobe too – it’s the perfect piece for when you want just a little something plush and colorful around your neck!

The Popple Bandana pattern is available now on our pattern pages, or on Ravelry. 

We're offering kits for this one too -- it takes a 100 gram skein of either Dimond Laine Elmer Fingering or Dimond Laine Elmer Tweed Fingering and a skein of Dimond Laine Birdie. We had some fun pulling colors from our Lamb & Kid 4Ever collection for this one -- or raid your Birdie stash as at this size you'll just need over 100 yards of your CC.


We filmed a couple of short video tutorials on working the slip stitch pattern rows 3-4 and row 7. If this doesn't answer any questions you have, please feel free to call the shop -- we're always happy to help!








We can't wait to see your Popple Bandanas! As ever, we invite you to play – use two colors of Birdie and work ripple stripes or use all your leftovers and make one scrappy! Tag us on Instagram with yours: #tlkpopplebandana



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