Artus Shawl Kits -- Knit Your Own Showstopper

Sarah holding out an Artus Shawl wide to show off the colors and motifs.

We've had our version of Natasja Hornby's Artus Shawl in the shop for a few weeks now -- and it's a showstopper. This project offers graphic mosaic motifs, the opportunity to play with bold colors, and cozy texture nestled right up next to color work -- we love it!

We decided it was high time to offer kits using our Elmer Fingering and Elmer Tweed Fingering bases. These woolen-spun blends of merino and cashmere have to be squeezed to be believed. The fabric they create is deliciously soft and lightweight -- just perfect for this substantial shawl.

We're offering kits in five colorways, and a mystery option too. You'll also need a copy of the pattern -- available on Ravelry, or directly from the designer.

Artus Shawl kits are available here. If the kit you like is sold out, please call our shop during business hours and we'll be happy to help you put one together with our stock on hand.

Pyramid of 6 skeins of yarn.
Sarah's Kit #1: Gray Is My Favorite Color (Color 1, 2 skeins), Loam (C2), Thermal (C3), Elmer Tweed Fingering), Grandma's Button (C4), Tattersall (C5).
Pyramid of 6 skeins of yarn.
Kit #2: Loam (Color 1, 2 skeins), Gray Is My Favorite Color (C2), Cookie (C3), Slug (C4), Unsalted (C5).
Pyramid of 6 skeins of yarn.
Kit #3: Loam (Color 1, 2 skeins), Sweatshirt (C2), Gray Is My Favorite Color (C3), Plaid Is My Favorite Color (C4), Chalet Chic (C5).

Pyramid of 6 skeins of yarn.Kit #4: Cashew (Color 1, 2 skeins), Cookie (C2), Loam (C3), Taffy (C4), Bakelite (C5).

Pyramid of 6 skeins of yarn.
Kit #5: Selvedge (Color 1, 2 skeins, Elmer Tweed Fingering), Three Dog Night (C2), Petal (C3), Ginger Peachy (C4), Radish (C5).
Pyramid of 6 skeins of yarn.

Kit #6: Mystery Kit! Let us pick your colors....and leave us a note with your preferences. 

The Artus Shawl tucked up around Sarah's neck.
Artus Shawl held to show its drape.

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