More Dimond Laine Birdie DK Love!

A stack of colorful yarn.

This weekend's Dyed-To-Order event features 15 (!) of our colors on four of our bases, including our newest yarn, Birdie DK. We're also able to offer The Lamb & Kid Mho Mho -- it's been a while since we've offered this one! This event begins Friday at 10am Pacific and runs through Sunday, February 11th. 

In addition to single skeins, you're also able to purchase kits for two projects to knit in Dimond Laine Birdie DK. We really can't wait for you to get this new yarn on your needles!

Sarah holding a triangular shawl out wide.

How about a Sampler Shawl in Birdie DK by The Lamb & Kid?

One day, we'll have a Sampler Shawl knit in each one of our bases! It is such a wonderful way to, well, sample a new yarn.

Almost as soon as we had Birdie DK in the shop, we had a Sampler Shawl on the needles. The yarn, the colors, the easily memorized pattern -- it's a trifecta of satisfaction.

Note: Your gauge may vary, but we used a US 9 needle throughout with Birdie DK.

Kits available while supplies last here.

Five skeins of yarn in a stack.

Sampler Shawl in Birdie DK Kit #1: 1 skein each in Birdie DK: Convo Pit (C1), Sour Apple (C2), Great Horned (C3), Tattersall (C4), Waverly (C5).

Five skeins of yarn in a pyramid.

Sampler Shawl in Birdie DK Kit #2: Antique (C1), Petal (C2), Taffy (C3), Peek a Boo (C4), Sweetie (C5).

Five skeins of yarn in a pyramid.

Sampler Shawl in Birdie DK Kit #3: Taffy (C1), Sweetie (C2), Tattersall  (C3), Pear (C4), Conversation Pit (C5).

Sarah in a two-color wide stripe sweater.

Sample knit and photo by @margotchien


We're excited about the Super Simple Summer Sweater by Joji Locatelli that our friend, Margot, knit!

Birdie DK shines in this simple sweater -- the curly texture of it's stockinette adds just the right amount of interest to this top down knit.

The sample is shown with approx. 1" of ease in the colors Barred and Waverly. With each kit, you'll have enough yarn in each color to pick your C1 and C2.

Kits available while supplies last here.

Super Simple Summer Sweater Kit #1: Waverly and Barred.

Super Simple Summer Sweater Kit #2: Pear and Tattersall.

Super Simple Summer Sweater Kit #3: Sweetie and Taffy.

If kits are sold out or no longer available, please call our shop during business hours -- we'll be very happy to help you put together your own project!


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