Conversation Pit--Can You Dig It?

It’s funny how two words, in this case, conversation pit, can propel you into a nostalgic world filled with harvest gold appliances and fondue parties. Inspiration struck, and we decided to linger in the dreamy seventies atmosphere for a while. Conversation Pit took on a life of its own and inspired this 1970s color story! 


Conversation Pit-Can you dig it?


Update Hand-dyed Base List: Tod, Percy, Birdie, Mho Mho

Update Hand-dyed Color List: Conversation Pit, Pop Rocks, Mood Ring, Harvest Gold, Fondue Party, Pet Rock, Shag Carpet

Update Mill-dyed Tod Color List: Kitten, Crow, Armadillo, Fox, Lamb, Betty


The inspiration behind the update: We moved into a funny A-frame fixer upper that was complete with the original conversation pit. The conversation pit is something I didn’t know I needed until I had it, and now I’m in love with it! 


Color descriptions for the new colors:

Conversation Pit:

There is no end to the nuances and shades of green. We love green! There will never be a shortage of green because this color is where memories are made. This one, in particular, goes with everything; cool, warm, bold, delicate. Conversation Pit is piney, foresty, and magical!

Pop Rocks:

Pink loving and candy-colored. More fuchsia and magenta leaning than taffy. This will have pink lovers uniting.

Mood Ring:

Very bright, deep, broody turquoise aqua. It’s perfect to pair with warm or cool colors, and it makes the warm colors of the 1970s sing. It’s moody and broody compared to Hilary.

Harvest Gold:

Think amber waves of grain gold. It’s the harvest gold appliances from 1970s lore but with a modern twist.

Fondue Party:

It’s a party-- a fondue party! Depending on the base, the color will be either subtle variegated, or tonal. It is orange!

Pet Rock:

Oh Pet Rock, you are perfect! Pet Rock is a warm gray that does not lean blue or purple! As you can see, these bases have a personality of their own. Birdie takes the dye lighter while Mho Mho takes it deeper, and on Todd and Percy, it’s a perfect stone gray. Who wouldn’t love to cuddle up to it?


Shag Carpet:

My grandmother Beverly had shag carpet. When I think of the 1970s, her house reigned supreme. She had a harvest gold princess phone, a terrific lava lamp, and don’t even get me started on her shag carpet! This color leans heavier into the shades of avocado than Conversation Pit. Shag Carpet has notes of avocado, pine, yellow, and gold.

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