Matinee Monday: The Encore

Surprise! It’s Matinee Monday: The Encore! All Tod is $27 (exclusive matinee pricing), including the brand-new Tod Worsted! We've also got some beautiful new colors on Tod DK!

Mho Mho is also priced at $27. It's a great opportunity to start mixing those bases! And did we mention that our free US shipping with a purchase of $50+ is still on? Woo!

It’s an all-day for this matinee, so if you’ve been eyeing our sumptuous yak - cashmere blend, it’s *officially* your time. Go with our classic Tod DK or our brand new Tod Worsted. Add in some Mho Mho for marling magic!

Tod worsted is plump, squishy, and glorious! It’s got fluff for days and a great halo. Its palette tips the scales at 32 gorgeous colorways! This exclusive $27 matinee pricing is the perfect time to try out this squishy skein!

We’re excited about all the projects you’ll be casting on! One thing’s for sure: Tod and Mho Mho are softness guaranteed.


The Lamb & Kid

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