New Pattern Love! The Effervescent Shawl

Sarah wearing a black and white version of th.e Effervescent Shawl
We're pleased as (fizzy) punch to show off our version of the newly released Effervescent shawl! And, because we know you'll like it as much as we do, we're offering kits in several colors ready to ship.

Effervescent (on Ravelry) is a shawl pattern designed by Jordan Prouty (@bluepointknits on Instagram). It's an asymmetrical triangle shawl that combines garter stitch, eyelets, and a fun "bubble" lace pattern to create a relaxing and gratifying knit! 
Light blue and green Effervescent shawl shown wrapped around a dress form.

Jordan used The Lamb & Kid Trio for her version and she loves the amazing stitch definition and bounce of this favorite base! The resulting shawl is lightweight and snuggly. 
Sarah holding the Effervescent Shawl open.

Sarah used Dimond Laine Elmer Fingering for her graphic black and white version. This woolen-spun yarn creates a soft and squish-able fabric, ideal for accessories worn right up around the neck.

To purchase kits for either one of these versions, or to see what other colors we're offering, visit our Kits page!

A close up of Sarah wearing a black and white Effervescent shawl.

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