Our Favorite Bright Green Shades!

A line of five bright green skeins of yarn.
From left to right: Martian, Atomic, Galactic, Lichen, and Francie.

Some of us like our greens to pop! This week, we're offering a selection of green shades that do just that...they're bright, punchy, and fun, proving that green doesn't have to be earthy or full-bodied to be delightful. Make an single color accessory, stripe a couple together (Martian and Atomic or Galactic and Francie!), add a bright accent to a colorful yoke -- the possibilities are truly endless. Get your bright greens on with us this week -- it's a party!

These colors, available on three of our bases, are available to order now and while supplies last. They will ship in approx. two weeks, the week of April 1st.

A bouquet of five bright green yarn skeins.

From the top, and around clockwise...

Galactic: Galactic packs a punch -- it's a bright, spirited blend of lime and spring green, with a hint of something earthy and scummy. It's a green to evoke joy! 

Francie: Francie is a bright and acidic yellow spring green -- a playful color to make you smile. Like the first buds and shoots of spring. Francie pairs well with Midge.

Martian: A clear neon green. An otherworldly color -- like the brightest northern lights. Fun with other neons like Pop Rocks, Fluorange, and Fetch.

Atomic: A fluorescent yellow-leaning hyper green. Reminiscent of summer days gone by with zinc oxide on your nose or a rainy day at the arcade playing all your old favorites.

Lichen: A light acid green color, a sharp color! Reminiscent of the brightest patches of lichen on the boulders at the beach.

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