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We've got the beginnings of spring fever here at the shop this week with new projects and new colors galore!

We're offering kits for Wavy Gravy wraps in two new color stories, including this one pictured that features a couple of favorite spring colors, Ginger Peachy and Gloaming.


And we have a new yarn base! Dimond Laine Shed is a fingering weight 60% Merino, 40% Romney wool blend, milled right here in the USA. We offer it in 400 yard, 100 gram skeins. If you've used our Cabin yarn, this is its lighter weight sibling! It's woolly, sproing-y, and sturdy. The finished fabric holds its shape beautifully and colorwork stands out crisply. 


We whipped up a Night Groove sweater by one of our very favorite designers, Isabell Kraemer, and we love it  -- the punch of hot pink, the hard-wearing yet light texture of the fabric -- definitely a sweater that will transition you into a warmer season. Now that we have a colorwork yoke sweater under our belts, we're itching to cast on something new and hold Shed with our favorite strand-along bases like Birdie or Mho Mho! Maybe a new Cozy Shawl? Or a Betwixt Shawl? Stay tuned!


We're also offering new colors galore! Our Wednesday Honor Roll featured two new colors in Edith and Paisley. Sometimes we're just so excited about new colors, they rocket right to the top of our project queues! Paisley and Edith are two such colors. On their own they each make a statement; together the contrast of warm and cool sings out. 



Paisley is a warm tomato orange red. More saturated then Plaid Is My Favorite Color, and without the hint of pink.

Edith is a cool violet color with pink and blue grey undertones. Darker than Frippery and more purple than Fandango, but if you like either of those colors, you’ll love Edith. 

We're celebrating the release of Laine Publishing's 52 Weeks of Accessories and Maral Mokri's Hazy hat using Dimond Laine Birdie held double. It's a cozy and clever ribbed hat design -- scrumptious!

And finally, in our weekend dyed-to-order event, we're offering still more new colors. Check out the dyed-to-order page on Friday for everything we're offering, including these half dozen new hues!

From top to bottom, and left to right: Icicle, Pomegranate, Edith, Port, Commodore, and Boardwalk.

Boardwalk: A dusky jade green shade. A deeper tone (more grey) then Emme but similar in hue.

Commodore: A bright navy to make you stand up and salute. Lighter than Three Dog Night and clearer in tone then Isle.

Icicle: An icy blue that doesn’t lean green or grey. Paler than Bell Bottom Blues and bluer than Wishful Thinking.

Pomegranate: A juicy berry red color, darker and more plummy then Petit Four, and bluer in hue then Jammy.

Port: A dark wine and burgundy swirl. Leans browner then Town & Country’s dark purple hue.

And remember, if you want to order from our dyed-to-order events, 1) go the this page at the appropriate time, 2) pick the yarns you'd like to order, and 3) choose your colors. We offer our weekend events through Sunday, or while supplies last!

Tag us on Instagram (@thelambandkid) or on our Ravelry group -- we always love to see what you make!

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