Weekend Update! Saturday, March 19th 2022

Hello & Happy Weekend! It’s been a minute! I’m so glad to be back!

The last few weeks have found us fully engaged in preparing for and participating in Stitches West - what fun that was! The kids and I had a wonderful time at the booth and for all of you who came to see us or stopped by, thank you! It felt so good to be back. Speaking of Stitches West, knitting events are always a lovely time to see friends, new and old.

I found some lovely things to share with you and will be sharing over the next couple of weekends, but I thought I’d start with darling Thread + Maple. These friends, from North of the border, have wonderful notions, tools, and organizers for all your knitting needs. Look at their Notions Clutch! Made of durable and beautiful leather, this clutch organizes and lays out all your essential tools, making them ever so easy to access. I was also completely smitten by these Seashell Stitch Markers- gorgeous, pearly white, glossy smooth, eco-friendly, and the set comes with a variety of sizes to fit a range of needles sizes. Knit, but make it fashion!

As we all do when communing with other fiber enthusiasts, we spent time in the evening recharging and casting on for the projects we saw on other attendees during the day. One of my friends was using this light and I thought it was brilliant. You can’t always control the lighting when you’re on the road, but this little invention allows you to light up your knitting wherever you go. It’s adjustable, long-lasting, and on sale! Stargazing and hanging out on sleeve island simultaneously? It’s possible with this handy invention.

Back at the storefront on Bainbridge Island, things are getting busier as Spring peeks its head out. The trees are flowering, We are delighted to offer time with our own Jennifer Evans at the Teaching Table in store. Jennifer is an accomplished knitter and a wonderful teacher who can help knitters with new skills & projects. She handles the table from 12 PM - 2 PM every Tuesday, so if you need some assistance, come on in! I’m also overjoyed to announce we’ll be starting classes on April 11th! Stay tuned for details!

If you were able to join for the live stream this Friday morning, you know that I’m gah-gah for Tif Neilan’s new Stripes of Joy sweater. She said it was a mood lifter for her and I can see it becoming one for me! And, thanks to Tif, it’s also 15% off this weekend! If you want to take advantage of her intro offer the code is STRIPESOFJOY. I can’t wait to cast on.

I’m thinking of casting on in:
Tod Worsted: Pistachio, Carnation, Betty, Caddis & Natty
Tod Worsted: Pistachio, Grand Forest, Lavender Fields Forever, Sentimental, Stone
Tod Worsted: Caddis, Natty, Port, Kitten, Pure & Simple
Or, going green with Tod Worsted: Pistachio, Beetle, Grand Forest, Fern Gully & Caddis
We’re celebrating the arrival of Spring this weekend at The Lamb & Kid by putting our greens on sale! In addition to Pistachio, which is our Matinee Color this month and is 20% off, we have a selection of other greens in a variety of bases for 10% off until Monday at 10AM.

Elmer Tweed Worsted + Elmer Tweed Fingering: Fir
Elmer Fingering: Old Truck
Mho Mho: Grand Forest and Fern Gully
Tod + Tod Worsted: Grand Forest, Beetle, Fern Gully, Caddis, Mantis, Douglas
Don’t forget to get your greens!

And don’t forget to set a reminder for our Dyed-to-Order Event, happening tomorrow at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST! We’ll have Kiddo, our new fingering weight superwash merino base available on some fun colors. It’s a fingering weight merino base that’s bouncy and oh-so squishy. Its fiber content is 85% merino / 15% nylon, making it soft yet durable for a variety of knits!

And before I sign off, we want to hear from you! I’ve been loving getting everyone’s questions and the incredible interaction around live streams. That said, we want to hear from you! We’ll be doing some polls on Instagram over the next week or so, to better tailor the live streams to you and what you’re interested in! If you don’t use IG, that’s okay! Please feel free to shoot us a line at shop@thelambandkid.com and tell us what you’d like more of!
Happy weekend and happy Spring, friends.


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