What is The Lamb & Kid Private Label Yarn?

 At The Lamb & Kid, we have a profound love of color and texture. Our private label yarn is a reflection of this.  Each yarn within the label is exclusively developed for The Lamb & Kid – we closely collaborate with our mills to produce each base to our specifications, from the choice of fibers to the exact percentage that goes into every base. Because of these specifications, you will notice that our natural yarns come in several shades – giving us a wonderful base to apply dyes to as well as giving you a range of lovely neutral shades to craft with.

 The majority of our yarns are mill-dyed, and similar to our yarn base development, we've partnered closely with our mills to develop an extensive palette of 34 colors.  Every colorway was vetted and signed off by our team.  Our hope is that our milled-dyed yarns will be more consistent in each colorway, should you need multiple skeins for a project. In addition to our milled-dyed yarns, we will also have a limited selection of lovingly hand-dyed yarns within our private label. These will be offered in small batches and in limited quantities. 

 We are initially offering Tod (our DK yak/cashmere blend) and Mho-Mho (light fingering mohair/silk blend) as part of our private label. With that said, we have already started the process of developing additional bases, which we will continue to roll out. Keep an eye out during the next couple of months for the next base in our lineup!

 Our desire is for all of our yarns to work up both beautifully on their own as well as when you venture to mix the bases. For example, Tod and Mho Mho were designed to complement each other. They’re a match comparable to, well— a lamb and a kid!



The Lamb & Kid

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